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Benefits of Micro Wedding

Best Micro Wedding Destinations and Ideas for Kerala Marriages

Marriage is a considerable task—and an equally substantial deal—leaving modern marriage undecided on whether it’s worth it. COVID 19 has had an immediate impact on the spectrum of micro weddings. Many couples are feeling fortunate to be able to fulfil their dreams by choosing their dream location, exclusive cuisines, and much more! 

Despite the fact that weddings are the polar opposite of lively, now is the time to seize the opportunity to make your wedding dazzling and intimate. A micro wedding will help you achieve all of your fanciful wishes with ease, whether it’s bringing in your favorite chef or choosing an elite floral décor. This mushrooming trend comes with a slew of advantages that will make your guts scream, whoa. Read out to learn about some of the useful rewards of a micro wedding.

The main advantage of a micro wedding is that it helps Kerala Muslim brides and grooms to splurge on the budget while still leaving you with room to fill later. From choosing the most beautiful wedding dress to selecting deliciously cuisines, this style of wedding will accommodate all of the glitz and glam you want while staying within your budget. A clear budget planning helps in eminence of a micro wedding.

As the saying goes, “less is more”, and a micro wedding is no exception. The blessing of this form of wedding is based on a number of factors. Since there are fewer participants, families get to know one another better and have a good time together, while couples get to spend quality time with their guests at the functions. Memories last a lifetime. As a result, holding a teeny wedding compact and buoyant becomes essential.

Changing objects becomes easier and more comfortable as a result of their flexibility. An intimate wedding allows for maximum engagement with your guests and wedding vendors, as well as the benefit of being at ease. Putting your own thoughts into the décor will add a touch of balance and personalization.

A micro wedding entails less effort and fewer opinions. Kerala Muslim boys and girls for marriage have the opportunity to open unique spaces and explore to your heart’s content. In a large Indian wedding, this might be impossible to achieve. When you pull out all the stops with a beautiful wedding gown, a dreamy venue, and a talented photographer, high-end decoration becomes attainable. You have the opportunity to let your imaginations run wild with a greater chance of success and a lot of ingenuity. Why not think about the points listed below to make your micro wedding one to remember?

Have you considered incorporating a bit of individuality and personalization to your wedding reception? Fine, we assume this is every couple’s dream. A micro wedding allows you to fill the gaps in your imagination and transform them into reality. When planning an intimate wedding, a slew of wedding decoration patterns emerges. Adding DIY décor with tropical hues to your D-day will make it unforgettable and give you a chance to express gratitude.

A micro wedding can weave a web of magic if you and your partner want to get married in the middle of the pandemic. Got plans to try?

The Concept of Marriage

In Kerala, a Muslim marriage is described as a bond/commitment between a Muslim girl and a boy for marriage in Kerala. This bond is also strongly linked to devotion, patience, acceptance, support and harmony through the best Kerala Muslim Matrimony. In addition, starting a family signifies entering a new stage of social development, accepting new responsibilities which are often considered as society’s most critical institution. This article is purely a rethinking of the meaning and concept of marriage.

It is nothing but the state of being united. Marriage is an oath of being life partners in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law. When we think about marriage, a long lasting relationship is the foremost thing that comes to mind. Marriage is also one of the most important choices that someone makes in their life. Since we’ve decided to spend the rest of the life with that one person. When people decide to marry, they imagine starting a family, dedicating their lives to one another, and raising kids together. The circle of humankind is like that only.

As it is seen with other experiences as well, the experience of marriage can be successful or unsuccessful. The truth is that, there is no secret to a successful marriage. It is all about finding the person and enjoying all the differences and imperfections, thereby making your life smooth and fruitful. So, a successful relationship is something that two loving people are expected to make. As a result, it does not occur on a regular basis. In comparison to unmarried people, researchers conclude that married people are less lonely and happier.

Marriage is not a philosophical idea. Since these ideas will continue to evolve for all. However, there are certain vital values that are present in any marriage or relationship. Kids, communication, problem-solving, and factors are the topics in question. Children may be the most important problem here. Since many people believe that raising a child is a ‘tough task’. Others, on the other hand, are skeptical. However, one thing is certain: having children would alter the couple’s lives.

Another aspect of marriage is problem-solving, which requires the realization that you should live on your own every day. As a result, it’s important to work together to resolve any misunderstandings. One of the most important aspects of a marriage is communication. In a marriage, communication is also crucial. As a result, the couple should behave as though they are friends. There should be no ‘secrets’ between them, and no one should keep anything hidden from the other. As a result, all parties should do what makes them feel more at ease. It is not important to believe that marriage is complicated, causing you to be preoccupied and depressed all of the time.

Nikah Questions Walima, Aqd nikah, Dress, Expense

What happens at a Walima?

A walima is the marriage reception function in the traditional Islamic wedding. It designates a feast in Arabic. Walima is used as a symbol to show domestic happiness in the household post-marriage. Usually walima takes place after the Nikah function and is hosted by the groom. Venue can be at groom’s place or at a selected place like parks, halls, etc. A Walima is a Sunnah and it is just an event where the new couple mingles with their guests instead of sitting on the stage the entire time. There are no rituals or customs associated with Walima. The bride and groom enter together, walk down the aisle, sit on stage, sometimes they cut a cake, and then they mingle with the guests. It celebrates the happiness and joy inside the family and is an occasion for the bride and groom to meet and familiarize their dear ones.

Can nikah be done online?

Yes. Many scholars have acknowledged that it is permissible to conduct a Nikah online as long as the usual conditions are met for a valid Nikah. They suggest that there is no issue with conducting the ceremony online via Zoom, Skype, or other online mediums. According to the mainstream Sunni schools of thought, for a Nikah  to be valid, what necessary are the verbal acceptances from the bride & bridegroom, in the presence of witnesses, with consent from the bride’s Wali (legal guardian), and a Mahr (bridal dower) agreed beforehand.

It is to be noted that, during the circumstances of Covid 19, many renowned Muslim scholars, including Mufti Ismail Menk and Shaykh Hasib Noor, have taken to social media to openly encourage Nikah through online considering the emergency circumstances. This should be considered as a wise suggestion and a feasible alternative for many Muslim couples because, otherwise they have to delay their Nikah for many more months to have the guardian, the bride and groom and the witnesses on-site. With the advanced technology at our disposal today, an online Nikah is the best suggestion for those who are apart distances.

What is Aqd nikah?

Aqd in Arabic means contract. Islam considers Nikah to be a contract not a sacrament. Even though in Islam, Nikah is a religious sanction for individuals to have sexual relationships and to have children and live like a family, it considers marriage as a civil agreement, entered into by two individuals or those acting on their behalf. And because it is a contract (‘aqd), it conveys legal rights and obligations to each spouse.

Islamic jurisprudence, as elaborated by various schools of legal thought, considers the main purpose of the marriage contract to make intercourse lawful (halal) between a husband and wife and to legitimize any resulting offspring. Also the marriage contract establishes further rights and duties for each spouse. It is basically required to treat each other well and good and each one’s rights and duties are differentiated by gender. They are also interdependent: a failure by one spouse to perform a specific duty may jeopardize his or her claim to a particular right.

When does nikah become expensive?

Nikah in Islam is a very simple occasion as it is taught by the model of prophet Muhammad (S). Hadees say that Prophet’s weddings were very simple with about 10 people attended. Nowadays the ceremony is very extravagant and expensive. The dowry or wedding gift demanded by brides in Arab countries is sometimes too much expensive that grooms are unable to meet their demands. In other countries like India, it is the bride’s family who need to give dowry to the groom. In most of the cases it is a huge amount and it makes their life miserable too. The Nikah ceremony these days are occasions to show off and people do not hesitate to spend lavishly on their ‘once in life time’ event. From the invitation card to wedding halls, splendid meals and other wedding related arrangements like dress, ornaments, flowers etc etc people do not try to fit into minimum, but spend extravagantly. As it becomes a social trend, everyone is literally forced to follow the trend and spend accordingly to keep up their social status and good will. This makes Nikah expensive and even unaffordable for many.

What is required for nikah?

In Islam, Nikah is the traditional marriage function. There are three components needed for a Nikah to be valid: a couple who are willing to marry each other, witnesses, and a wedding gift named mahr that the groom gives to bride. The most important thing among these is the mutual agreement between the bride and groom to get married. They should meet each other and talk before the Nikah arrangements are begun. They should agree upon a mahr. It can be a sum of money, objects or property as demanded by the bride. It is a symbol of the groom’s commitment. It is decided based on the groom’s financial conditions. There should be at least 2 adults as witnesses for the function. Usually there is an Imam to perform the Nikah ceremony and they guide the function. Nikah can be performed in a mosque or wedding hall as per the convenience, but mosque is the preferred venue for Nikah. After the Nikah function, getting a marriage licence from the local government is also important.

What food is served at a Muslim wedding?

A muslim wedding is an occasion of a feast to foodies with a list of mouth watering dishes. From starters to desserts, there are many traditional items usually served in a Muslim wedding. Chicken, mutton, fish items are unavoidable. Welcome drinks may include different flavours and varieties. Starters include various meat kababs, fries, fish and chips cones, chat baskets, roasted chicken etc. Soups and haleems are the attraction of North Indian Muslim weddings. The main course usually is biryani. It can be of chicken, beaf, mutton or fish/prawn. There are various varieties of biryanees available in the menu. Along with these, fried rice, different types of rotis, nans etc are included. Different types of salads can also be there. Desserts include different flavoured ice creams, falooda, puddings, cakes, etc. These days in many weddings there are live food stalls available where instantly prepared hot items are available for the guests. Canopies are arranged where people can get whatever they prefer.

What should I wear to my nikah?

Nikah is the official wedding ceremony of Muslims. The wedding attire for a Nikah function follows the sober yet elegant customs of the ceremony. There are a wide variety of wedding dresses worn during a Nikah, from sari to shararas,and salwar kameez. A dupatta or head scarf is used to cover the head as a mark of respect.Sometimes the face is covered partially to falling as far back as the shoulders.

Bride’s dress

During the first day of the wedding ceremony known as ‘Mehendi’ bride traditionally wears an outfit in yellow colour matching the significance of the ceremony. During this ceremony, mehendi or henna is applied on her hands. Her female friends and relatives escort her holding a yellow coloured dupatta.

On the main day of wedding, Muslim brides usually wear heavily pleated lehenga in a bright color, preferably in shades of red, with a long blouse embroidered in gold. A dupatta is draped over her head and styled around the shoulders and waist to keep with the age-old traditional sentiments. The fine gold embroidery of the dress and the jewellery worn by the bride is also beautifully displayed.

The Bride along with the other women wear gold and silver jewelry studded with precious and semi-precious stones during wedding. Necklaces with intricate engravings and ethnic Jhumkas or earrings, heavy gold bangles in delicate designs called Kach Koor and Bingar, gold bracelets with studded stones called Manthoora, the Durcan or big drop earrings, and Pari Hara adorn the bride. The bridal look for Nikah is, however, incomplete without the distinctive Veja Daman, which is wrapped around the wrist and runs in chains along the bride’s fingers and end as rings.

Ornaments worn by a Muslim Kerala bride include Padi Mala, Chakrakanni Mala, Aalochana Mala (necklaces), Mekkath, Alicathu, Jhimiki, and Pachakallu (earrings), Thol Vala, Thari Vala, Kannadi Vala (bangles for wrist), Mudipoo, Nettipattam, Mudichakram, and Matti (head adornments), and the Arappatta waist belt.

Groom’s dress

The traditional outfit of Muslim grooms is usually sherwanior a heavy embroidered kurta with pyjama. Sometimes people opt for a more Western suit outfit. In many places, grooms may wear a floral veil of roses during the wedding ceremony. There is also a special turban worn by grooms during his entrance, which is known as the Karakurti topi.

Gulf Nikah

Nikah in Kerala- The trusted Gulf Nikah Matrimony portal for Kerala Muslims

Gulf countries have always been the first choice of people from Kerala who look forward for better opportunities. Yes! Opportunities are the core factor that attracts thousands of new expatriates to the Middle East each year. And the economy of Kerala has much to do with the money sent by people working in these countries. But unlike people who migrate to European countries, people who flies to GCC countries just consider it as a work place only. They return to Kerala after a point. And they marry people from home land itself. When it comes to wedding, it was a tough task to find a suitable alliance for those who are abroad. But this is the time of internet and technology. Finding the perfect match through a gulf nikah matrimonial is the best choice of brides and grooms. Through a gulf nikah matrimony, you can search for the most matching proposal from thousands of data. is the most trusted Gulf Nikkah Website by the Kerala Muslim NRI people all over the world. It’s an Islamic marriage portal for Keralites with all the search options that Malayalee parents look in an alliance. The registration process is absolutely free and you can search for proposals based on your personal and religious interests and preferences. A well acclaimed gulf nikah muslim matrimony, promises ease of use and trustworthiness. The proposals are verified manually by the customer support team and special services like personalised match making service is promised by the team for those who need. Premium matrimony for gulf nikah wedding, thousands of satisfied brides and grooms suggest this Gulf  Nikah in Kerala website to their dear and near!

Gulf Nikah Search
Gulf Nikah Search

nikah in muslim

Nikah in Kerala™  is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Muslim matrimonial service firmly rooted in Islamic perspective with the aim to provide quality matrimonial services. Nikah in muslim is a contract that transfers responsibilities. Therefore know the man you’re thinking of marrying, and be sure that he is able to take care of you, more than your dad did. Islam empowers women with honor and dignity. Don’t settle for anything less.

Nikah- holiness turns to absurdity

Nikah- the most important moment in everyone’s life. A father hands over his daughter whom he brought up as his life and breath to a new person, to be his forever. They both utter holy words of promise and trust and the purest knot on earth is tied- the nuptial knot. The holiness should be kept up until the very end of their life. And if we consider Islamic preachings, it can be the way either to Jannah or to naar. If we analyze a muslim vivaham which is the wedding of Muslims in Kerala nowadays, it has become more an event of showing off other than a sacred event. The curse named dowry has turned the halal matrimony dealings to haram ways. Also, news about present malabar nikah rituals is much shameful and irritating for cultured muslims in Kerala. What is to be done is to make people aware of what exactly are Islam and its rulings. Only if the ulamas come forward to enlighten their disciples that the society could be changed.

Nikah in kerala and

Wedding is the most important part of every one’s life. A man or woman lives single for a pretty long period of their lifetime and then they decide to live with a partner. People wish to marry for several reasons. Believers consider marriage as part of their belief since they believe that the almighty God who furnished human beings and the nature has set it in a way so that every one need a pair for the completion of their very existence. Muslims around the world believe that marriage is a part of their belief and that takes them closer to God. Nikah is the holy ceremony of uniting two totally different persons and families into one for a holy cause. Nowadays people have very much mistaken the very concept of  Kerala Muslim wedding – nikah and have stooped down with unnecessary bad habits like extravagance. As with the rituals of nikah Kerala muslims have taken many from their co-religion, Hinduism. Nowadays a nikah in kerala is a big deal of uncountable weighs of gold and a huge bank balance. It is a big shame which is to be eradicated from the society as soon as possible. People who decide to get married should decide to avoid all the unnecessary rituals that now happen in any nikahinkerala. nikkah in kerala or nikkah in or  There are various associations that promote abolition of bad habits associated with nikah in kerala. One such is a new venture named which is a matrimonial website firmly rooted in Islamic perspective. They help Kerala Muslims to find out a partner as easy as possible. With the launching of nikah in, it has become really easy for a muslim brides or grooms in kerala to find out the perfect Muslim partner from Kerala of their dreams.