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Nikah in Kerala is an in-house project of eBeams Infotech, our web development company based in Kochi. The best online matrimonial service for Kerala Muslims, Nikahinkerala has been recognized by thousands of Muslim parents as the most trusted Matrimony portal in Kerala. Launched in 2012, NikahinKerala grew up to win the hearts of Malayalee Muslims in a short span of time as the best and first choice for seeking their dheenee partner. The excellent customer support and user friendly website designed and maintained with an Islamic perspective make us unique and most loved by users.

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Marriage is the most important turning point in one's life. It doesn't happen- but it's created and of course, maintained! The cultural and social importance of family is so strong in Kerala that we find it modest and pleasing for a lady to sacrifice her dreams and passions for the sake of her family. But, the time has gone and now the people are much educated and aware of the importance of a mutual understanding and co-operating each other for the good of their own life. So, finding out that special someone who could best match up with your visions, thoughts and attitudes is the primary thing to live your life your loved way! And in Islam, there is strict instructions on the priorities to be taken care of while choosing a partner. Because in Islam, a husband/wife is mentioned 'as half of Dheen' who will lead your way to Jannah.

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