nikah in muslim

Nikah in Kerala™  is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Muslim matrimonial service firmly rooted in Islamic perspective with the aim to provide quality matrimonial services. Nikah in muslim is a contract that transfers responsibilities. Therefore know the man you’re thinking of marrying, and be sure that he is able to take care of you, more than your dad did. Islam empowers women with honor and dignity. Don’t settle for anything less.

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The way to nikah

What is the secret of a successful marriage? You might be familiar with the saying that marriage is all about adjustment. It is true to a great extend. Two totally different personalities, born and brought up in extremely different environment, having different attitudes, characters, passions and perspectives begin to live together under a single roof. It means collision. It is only when the two understand and adjust each other that the relationship grows stronger. As we know the way to nikah is the way to Jannah. And it must be so. Also, the way 2 nikah can be the way to loss of peace forever. That must not happen with you. The way nikah brings Jannah closer to you is never easy. It can never be. Though it is true that you need to be very much careful from the very beginning of partner search, and there are a lot of web services that help you out in this regard like way to, marhaba matrimony, Malabar matrimony, kerala matrimony, m4 marry and even more, it is all sheer luck that you get the best partner. But you can do one thing. Make the one you get, the perfect partner, by being the best partner for him/her.

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Nikah- holiness turns to absurdity

Nikah- the most important moment in everyone’s life. A father hands over his daughter whom he brought up as his life and breath to a new person, to be his forever. They both utter holy words of promise and trust and the purest knot on earth is tied- the nuptial knot. The holiness should be kept up until the very end of their life. And if we consider Islamic preachings, it can be the way either to Jannah or to naar. If we analyze a muslim vivaham which is the wedding of Muslims in Kerala nowadays, it has become more an event of showing off other than a sacred event. The curse named dowry has turned the halal matrimony dealings to haram ways. Also, news about present malabar nikah rituals is much shameful and irritating for cultured muslims in Kerala. What is to be done is to make people aware of what exactly are Islam and its rulings. Only if the ulamas come forward to enlighten their disciples that the society could be changed.

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Nikah in kerala and

Wedding is the most important part of every one’s life. A man or woman lives single for a pretty long period of their lifetime and then they decide to live with a partner. People wish to marry for several reasons. Believers consider marriage as part of their belief since they believe that the almighty God who furnished human beings and the nature has set it in a way so that every one need a pair for the completion of their very existence. Muslims around the world believe that marriage is a part of their belief and that takes them closer to God. Nikah is the holy ceremony of uniting two totally different persons and families into one for a holy cause. Nowadays people have very much mistaken the very concept of Kerala nikah and have stooped down with unnecessary bad habits like extravagance. As with the rituals of nikah Kerala muslims have taken many from their co-religion, Hinduism. Nowadays a nikah in kerala is a big deal of uncountable weighs of gold and a huge bank balance. It is a big shame which is to be eradicated from the society as soon as possible. People who decide to get married should decide to avoid all the unnecessary rituals that now happen in any nikahinkerala. nikkah in kerala or nikkah in or  There are various associations that promote abolition of bad habits associated with nikah in kerala. One such is a new venture named which is a matrimonial website firmly rooted in Islamic perspective. They help Kerala Muslims to find out a partner as easy as possible. With the launching of nikah in, it has become really easy for a muslim brides or grooms in kerala to find out the perfect Muslim partner from Kerala of their dreams.

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